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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Please pray0March 12, 2018View Details
YNsewAIGCJu0March 5, 2018View Details
HoEWXeVwhZDYOLKd0February 18, 2018View Details
QIHQNRrWhgoE0February 18, 2018View Details
fPMQRwpMpE0February 17, 2018View Details
roTsntldHLY0January 8, 2018View Details
SoQxkkrqyeaIF0December 15, 2017View Details
SoQxkkrqyeaIF0December 15, 2017View Details
zwhrEXaShSbMLmQYhoj0November 29, 2017View Details
SGkjriJzipyMSMJOw0October 23, 2017View Details
BWSdyvKwnUThCqFt0October 22, 2017View Details
cpNGyuUZuqpKrqXJZqk0September 11, 2017View Details
SOqBCmcKXknSd0September 9, 2017View Details
dhweifq0August 11, 2017View Details
lSiuIImFZcqF0July 8, 2017View Details
EWppFjjPmFKcWWmO0July 7, 2017View Details
CqhktgPzZWFOx0May 20, 2017View Details
DimYVFDsqReN0May 20, 2017View Details
hMJcNVfMcl0May 20, 2017View Details
HjLGBUymDnfRDFY0May 20, 2017View Details
iFWDcIROrY0May 20, 2017View Details
MbVIjThlLmxcr0May 19, 2017View Details
npDEAYuYIs0May 19, 2017View Details
rewSAueLQxDUD0May 18, 2017View Details
Prayer0May 13, 2017View Details
CNAzVhibabfhxkjXx0April 1, 2017View Details
xBbVczfERcfNNu0February 19, 2017View Details
dead silence mp3
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garcinia cambogia - correxiko0January 7, 2017View Details
stores breast actives coupons - sex health shop0January 6, 2017View Details
... message and data rates may apply and that i could withhold a0January 5, 2017View Details
????:mmoctoh paydayuk >:]] unsecured loans online up to 1000 0January 4, 2017View Details
Marriage 0September 24, 2016View Details
Becoming more like Christ0August 9, 2016View Details
Please pray for Poland, Church in North America and our service 0July 23, 2016View Details
soulmate0May 17, 2016View Details
nba 2k16 mt giveaway0May 15, 2016View Details
Help!0February 22, 2016View Details
?????? ????????????? ??? ?? ???????? - ??? ???????????? ????????0November 26, 2015View Details
lake tahoe coin jewelry and loan0August 31, 2015View Details
Brother Rey Flores needs a new job0July 15, 2015View Details
Pray for the Nehemiah Leaders Women's Prayer Call tonight0June 24, 2015View Details
Prayer for the Nehemiah Leaders Men's Prayer call today0June 24, 2015View Details
2 Prayer Request1April 15, 2015View Details
prayer for a friend1October 11, 2014View Details
Prayers for Felix Gonzalez and family1July 30, 2014View Details
Praying for tonight's city wide Prayer Call0June 27, 2014View Details
Praying for the Pray for America Bus stop Tour thru Chicago0June 19, 2014View Details
Hope and healing1June 13, 2014View Details
Hope1June 13, 2014View Details
Healing2June 13, 2014View Details
International Harbor of Grace Church0May 29, 2014View Details
Praying & covering for our Sisters-in-Christ tonight1May 23, 2014View Details
Praying for Nehemiah Leaders Power Prayer Breakfast Meeting 5/170May 16, 2014View Details
Holy Spirit1May 14, 2014View Details
Prayer for a Miracle and Deliverance0May 7, 2014View Details
Praying for tonight's "Canopy of Prayer over Chicagoland" con0April 25, 2014View Details
Prayer for heaing for Walter Howell0April 25, 2014View Details
Thank you Jesus for Good Friday!0April 18, 2014View Details
Request for Healing2April 17, 2014View Details
Praying for Nehemiah Leaders @ 4pm on AM 850 today0April 17, 2014View Details
Praying for today's Nehemiah Leaders Prayer Calls0April 16, 2014View Details
Praying for Chicagoland1April 15, 2014View Details
Praying for Chicago1April 14, 2014View Details
My Mother's passing4April 11, 2014View Details
Family Emergency5January 17, 2014View Details
My Grandfather3January 15, 2014View Details
Please Pray For Me5January 15, 2014View Details

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