About Us

Mission: ”To be the bridge that connect faith in Christ to the Marketplace” 

Marketplace Defined:  The environment where Christian Marketplace Leaders are serving  in Government, Business and the Church in the Chicagoland region, making an impact  for the Kingdom of God.

Vision: Just as in the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah, to be utilized as God’s “faithful remnant” to help rebuild and repair the City walls and gates of Chicagoland in and through the Marketplace for the glory of God and the expansion of HIS Kingdom.

How do we connect faith in Christ to the marketplace? 

  • Supporting, promoting & adhering to Biblical/Christian values & principles.
  • Bible Studies during our monthly meetings.
  • Weekly Prayer Conference Calls.
  • Discussing, praying & advocating on issues impacting Faith in the Marketplace.
  • Bringing in resources and tools to our leaders via monthly meetings, conference calls and electronic communication.
  • Advocating on behalf of and referring our Marketplace leaders.
  • Building bridges and Kingdom Partnerships with other Christian and Marketplace ministries and organizations both Catholic & Protestant.
  • Building bridges amongst Christians racially and ethnically.
  • Supporting and patronizing Christian-owned businesses.

Strategic Prayer Initiatives such as “Pray for Chicago” Initiative

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