“God’s not a secret to kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a City on a Hill.” Matthew 5:14 The Message

Nehemiah Leaders is a Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Denominational fellowship of Christian Marketplace Leaders in Chicagoland. Our mission is to be the “bridge” that connects faith in Christ to the Marketplace. Our vision is just as in the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah, to be utilized as God’s “faithful remnant” to help rebuild and repair the City walls and gates of Chicagoland in and through the Marketplace for the glory of God and the expansion of HIS Kingdom.

Crisis Response International

Reaching the Harvest in the midst of Crisis

Crisis Response International (CRI) is a nonprofit organization that resources, trains and mobilizes volunteers churches and other organizations to respond to disasters and compassion initiatives around the world.

CRI provides a model and framework for responding to disaster situations and delivering resources to areas that would otherwise be offlimits to volunteers. Our procedures and training avoid what the government calls “the second disaster,” referring to the chaos that often ensues when spontaneous resources and untrained volunteers arrive on the scene.


You dont need to be a seminary trained theologian to make an impact for Christ. Everyday we see ordinary men and women with a passion for Jesus take the leap of faith and become a trained and certified responder with CRI.
CRI hosts trainings around the country and certifies responders in real life, practical skills. These skills include Chaplaincy, Trauma and Grief Counseling, First Aid, Search & Rescue, Evangelism and Prayer counseling and ministry. So far we’ve trained over 3,500 responders to reach the harvest in crisis, but our work is far from over. Pray about joining our network of trained responders ready and willing in the day of disaster.

Online academy

CRI is launching an online training and resource website that anyone, anywhere can access to train and reach the harvest in crisis. We believe God is raising up 10,000 mercy missionaries through CRI who are equipped with the word and wisdom of God in the midst of deep darkness in the earth. Just as Isaiah prophesied, the glory of the Lord is rising upon you, we believe God is raising up men and woman who have a heart to go where we’re needed the most. CRI provides a model and framework for effective missions in the midst of disaster.


When crisis breaks out we all want to do something to help. Some of us are called to help be the answer to our own prayers and go where Light is needed most. Since 2007 CRI has deployed hundreds of teams to places including Nepal, Philippines, New Orleans, Iraq, California and more. When it comes to disaster and crisis, it’s not if, it’s when. At CRI we believe Jesus calls us to server those who are hurting with the love and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a trained responder you are invited to deploy with CRI.


CRI Director Sean Malone is available to speak to your church, business group or company about ways you can reach the harvest in crisis with CRI. Sean can come to you and share stories from the field of crisis of God’s infinite grace in action in the midst of incredible loss and despair. We know God has a plan and purpose for every nation even in disaster. Hear from a unique voice and leader in the Church today.
While involved in the motion pictures industry in New York, Sean found a front row seat at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. Using movie production equipment, he was able to provide lighting equipment for search and rescue operations. This is where the seeds for being involved in crisis response work were planted. Shortly after, he and his wife Laura trained with YWAM, and then moved to New Orleans just days before hurricane Katrina made landfall. In 2007 they officially launched Crisis Response International, and since then have trained thousands of Responders to reach the Harvest in the midst of crisis.

Rapid Crisis Response Training, Chicago, IL

Come and be a part of this training in Chicagoland!! This is a condensed, seminar style version of our basic Crisis Response Training.Training is in the following areas:

  • The Vision, Values, & Mandates of CRI
  • The 4 Phase of Disaster
  • Spiritual & Emotional Support in Crisis
  • Emergency First Aid & Triage
  • CRI Ministry Model
  • Deployment Protocol
  • Personal Preparedness

Register today at criout.com

Grace and to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

We pray that everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Nehemiah Leaders Marketplace Ministry Update November Recap:

  • Conducted Wednesday Men’s (me) & Women’s (Carolyn Martinez) Prayer Conference Calls.
  • Conducted Last Friday of the Month Canopy of Prayer Conference Call with Bro. Phil Carlson, Chicago Transformation Fellowship.
  • Attended meeting with Chicago Police Department, Police HQ with Faith based committee.
  • Brought Sean Myers, Director of Crisis Response International in from North Carolina to speak with Nehemiah Leaders about Rapid Response Training.
  • Met with the “Servant Leaders” group; Mike Kineapple, Art Guice, Dimitri Sala, Louis Reeves, Jim Brobst, Marlon Ramirez & Phil Carlson.
  • Attended meeting conducted by Steve Stultz, “Word of the Lord for Chicago.”
  • Participated in Thanksgiving Service with Archbishop Jacob Agepog at the Agape International Church.

Prayer and Planning for this opportunity to bless Chicagoland & the Church of Jesus Christ will take place next Saturday December 12, 2015.

  • Saturday December 12, 2015
  • 8am sharp
  • Cafe El Meson, 4631 S. Kedize, Chicago in the “Upper Room”
  • If you cannot attend personally, please ensure that your church, ministry, company and family are represented.
  • RSVP by calling: 865-377-9625
TBN Praise The Lord- Nehemiah Leaders 2015

NEH short openning segment “Praise the Lord” show on TBN

NEH Pray for Chicago event

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